Customized Therapy Services

Customized Therapy Services

Customized therapy services are at the heart of Speech-N-Motion.

Evidence-Based Research

We prioritize choosing the most appropriate, evidenced-based techniques for your child as well as constantly thinking outside the box. Think “Proloquo2go social group,” “co-treat with music therapy,” or even “PROMPT obstacle course.” Therapy done in this way is unique and effective, because children learn best through play and through experiences that are meaningful to them. As clinicians, we strive to deliver the highest quality speech-language therapy and to follow ethical guidelines. This means choosing therapy techniques and approaches that best serve your child and are considered “evidence-based.” According to the American Speech And Hearing Association (our governing body), evidence-based practice is composed of 3 elements:

3 Elements


Clinical Experience/Judgement

Client Values

These 3 elements come together to give us an idea of the strength of a therapy technique and whether or not it is a good fit for your child. The old adage is true “what works for one, does not work for another.” In therapy, this is particularly applicable. Many excellent therapy techniques exist for each disorder, but not all are right for your child or fit with your family goals and values. It is our job to combine what we know from research with what we have learned from our clinical experience and what is important to your family. This is how appropriate, effective, personalized therapy is accomplished.